Thursday, February 28, 2008

Going Below- Big Roads Below

Boston's I-93 Central Artery

Going below for highway design is to place the highway below ground by any of a number of methods to ultimately preserve the land above for other uses, including:

open cut highways designed to be subsequently covered

I-71 Fort Washington Way, Cincinatti, Ohio

cut and cover highways covered as a part of the same project that created the cut:

I-395 3rd Street Tunnel (1-95 Mall Tunnel), Washington, D.C., 3 blocks west of the U.S. Capitol Building

I-93 Central Artery/Tunnel Project, Boston, Massachusetts

BAB 100, Berlin, Germany

"The plans to extend Berlin's inner motorway ring from Tempelhof to Neuk├Âlln date back to the 1960s. They failed because of the considerable strain this stretch, which was planned as an open section at that time, would have placed on the neighbouring residential areas. In 1987 a decision was taken in favour of the shortest and most purpose-specific option: a 1.7 kilometre tunnel."

Lefortovo area Tunnel of the 3rd Inner Ring Highway, Moscow, Russia

Illustration: Park-Covered I-93 Central Artery

LANE COVE TUNNEL, Sydney, Austrialia

a key link in Sydney's orbital motorway network, connecting the Gore Hill Freeway with the M2. It will result in quicker journey times between the city and Sydney's north west. The project was approved by the Ministry for Planning in December 2002.

Bored tunnel, Around Paris, France
Versailles Tunnel

Single Level for Mixed Traffic with vertical clearance for trucks

Double Level for automobiles and vans under 2 meters in height

(2.55 verticle clearance)

3 lanes, @ 2.8 meter wide

A86 Motorway, Versailles, France

"Located at an average of six kilometres from the Parisian ring road, the A86 motorway forms the second ring road around Greater Paris. The motorway is aimed to reduce the traffic on the local roads, to relieve the Parisian ring road and to encourage travelling between the different areas in the suburbs.

The A86 West is the missing link of the "greater ring road", and is underground. 80% of the 78 kms are already completed. "


Nunya Bizness said...

Holy claustrophobia, Batman! I'd hate to be in one of those tubes of the roof collapsed... they'd never find me.

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

Also true with anything with a ceiling- such as buildings!