Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Westway Pay Back: Billions in Wall Street CEO Executives for Revived Westway, 2nd Avenue Subway, etc

Naming Rights For Infrastructure Funders?!

$2.5 billion (1980s estimated cost) Westway Project
$38 billion (2007 alone) Wall Street executive bonuses

Shining Light in Dark Corners

Everyone agrees Wall Street is having a bad year. Why are bonuses still in over the top? Someone must be profiting from the disaster of our economy, someone beyond the invest bank brokers. Someone is making billions selling stocks and equities short. And they are making sure the brokers who help them are rewarded for a job well done. Joe Kennedy did it in the Depression. There have to be hundreds profiting now from our misfortune.

They don’t just make deals on Wall Street. They make myths. And last week Wall Street's myth-making machine was roaring at full throttle — after the news broke that America’s five biggest investment banks will this year shell out a record $38 billion in bonus pay.

These men got these bonuses at a time when their companies lost $74 billion. N.Y. has given much to attract money firms.

How about some organizing for put the public infrastructure back within the mark of architects?

Wall Street could make its mark positively by paying for a revived Westway project in some form or another of an underground park covered West Side Highway.

Some far thinking CEO could be a rightful candidate for having it named after him/her.

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