Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Any Excuse to Track the Public

Why spend billions on transponders and readers?

Why not just raise the fuel tax?

I think you are going to see fairly hefty increases in subsidies for Amtrak and transit. Remember transit usage is up because of the increase in gas prices.

I am certain government will become more controlling over travel. Of course to travel we all need proper paperwork and submit to government demands. Since we already need clearance from homeland security to leave and re-enter the USA (of course those people being allowed in to flood the labor market and over burden the US taxpayer don't have to do jack, they just walk through a hole in the fence) we may see that for domestic travel as well.

What I think you are going to see eventually is a mileage based tax usage fee. Just like you have to register a vehicle, you will have a transponder that keeps track of mileage and road use, combined with readers on the road, that is the way vehicles will pay for road usage.

That's what the self proclaimed owners want and with it tracking the travel of each and everyone of us. Central planning in command.

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