Sunday, October 12, 2008

Multi-Architectural 'Chopp Way'

Intriguing Multi Use Retail - Highway - Promenade
Seattle, Washington Alaska Way Route 99 Replacement

Posted Thu, Sep 25, 9:50 a.m.

I have to say...: ...I actually REALLY like this plan. As a Seattle transplant, one of the most awesome things that I've loved about this city is it's uniqueness to expose people to its natural and architectural beauty in some of the most unexpected ways.

I was disappointed to hear that so many people hate the viaduct - it is one of the things that help keep my sanity going to and from work, being stuck in traffic. I LOVE driving along the waterfront, seeing the City, the Olympics, the Water, the greenery, all in one breadth.

I think this plan beatifies an ugly, much needed replacement of the existing structure, and also makes it multi-functional. It addresses the need for a more pedestrian-friendly atmosphere along the waterfront, while preserving the uniqueness of this vehicle thoroughfare.

I actually think it's a great compromise for both ends of the argument. It disappoints me that so many people here are against any sort of compromise...if it's not exactly their way, then it's a horrible idea...disappointing!

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