Thursday, March 28, 2013

E Groups Throw in the Towel on TPZ

 Nothing from these environmentalist organizations about safeguarding the rail component of the Tappan Zee Bridge corridor.

Riverkeeper and Scenic Hudson may no longer be enemies of the new Tappan Zee Bridge but the two environmental groups said they are still watchdogs of the massive construction project in the Hudson River.

The former foes of the $3.9-billion undertaking that is expected to bring years of disturbance to the river agreed on today to support the new bridge.

They signed on after the state strengthened its oversight of the project, boosted an environmental mitigation fund and created a special account to help communities near the construction with riverfront improvements.

By doing so, groups as "Riverkeeper" have surrendered, and can not be rationally seen as protectors of our transport corridors.  Failing to build the design with the structure for the lower deck at a cost of $200 now means having to spend $1 billion or more additional to add such space by a connected or separate structure with the "Honda" style towers infringing upon the median space vertical clearance thereby preventing double stacked rail cars.

Tappan Zee EIS FAILS to Address Lower Deck

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