Sunday, April 12, 2015

Streetsblog Founder Marc Gordon

Promotes greater efforts for accommodating pedestrians and bicyclists.

Yet also promotes anti new road dogma that primarily serves the power elite that wish to push the traffic burden disproportionately upon less affluent areas, as the primary need for new roads involve freeways that run through or near the more affluent areas. (see 48:00)   Says NOTHING about innovative freeway design mitigation.

Also promotes anti parking dogma.  (see 50:00)

"Driving is an activity that harms the world"  (52:00) -  Says NOTHING about vehicular technologies such as alternative fuels nor electric propulsion.  Nor does he mention if he owns vehicles nor drives.  Certainly if he believes such a philosophy he should not own a vehicle and should drive as little as possible with rented or shared vehicles to set the example.

Comes across as an urbanest with some good ideas - pedestrian and cyclists have been to a degree overlooked in transportation planning - yet horribly out of touch with the needs of a great many people, particularly for transportation flexibility to accommodate a wider range of dwelling and job opportunities.

Likewise, his ideas for transit primarily fixate upon slow speed rail, with little or nothing about making bus and van service more appealing at significantly lower cost.

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