Thursday, December 15, 2011

Trump Should Call for Inquiry into Tunnel Blockage

Donald Trump shows an interest in infrastructure.

So why does not he call for an inquiry into the virtual stop upon the proposed Cross Sound Tunnel that came with the N.Y. Governor Eliot Spitzer sex scandal?

Likewise he should be speaking out against the Obama Administration's contempt for long term planning, lagging behind other nations:

After all, both the Cross Sound Tunnel and Brooklyn-Queens Expressway are within N.Y., and Trump himself is a New Yorker...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

U.S. Decline Under Obama- BQE EIS Stopped

Officials cancel EIS for needed BQE I-287 reconstruction.

Apparently, the Democratic Party takes the region for granted. This segment of I-278 is New York Long Island's sole continuous interstate highway route to the west that bypasses Manhattan, yet somehow its modernization is not compelling to the Obama Administration?

Borough President Marty Markowitz- “While I understand that budgets are facing deep cuts, the decision of NYSDOT and the FHWA (Federal Highway Association) to terminate the EIS studies on the Gowanus and BQE expressways is an insult to Brooklyn and New York City. By postponing their replacement by a generation or more, poor service will continue on these critical roadways and the millions of New Yorkers who travel them every year or live in proximity will suffer.”

Meanwhile, Germany is to Widen and Cover its A7

Although the article mentions six lanes being covered, the video shows this freeway widened to 4-5 lanes, with covered segment intelligently utilizing the now existing sloped embankment space.

Perhaps some politicians shall make this an issue?