Sunday, January 17, 2021

Pushing BIG-Battery-Pack Automobiles, Stifling Ethanol Fuel & Cheap Domes on Mars?

During the VW diesel controversies there has been mention of the relative benefits of the different modes. Am not anti electric car. But the production of the battery packs do have a relatively high amount of Co2, plus demands for mined materials. Match that up with the idea that we must drastically push such battery pack electric cars beyond what is sustainable via a free market. I am ok with more charging stations especially solar power. But then match that up with the rubbish against Ethanol fuel by such academiacs as Tim Searchinger from Princeton- dead wrong on Ethanol. The anti ethanol fuel arguments are in my humble opinion such a load of utter bullshit that one just has to ponder the parallel push to place not thousands but millions and millions of people on Mars with inadequate consideration of radiation long term exposure. Is this some sort of gretaesque conspiracy to depopulate the earth, cause a methane jolt, and mutate humanity with inadequate radiation shielding.   Just wondering.

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