Saturday, March 29, 2008

Obama Endorses 'Congestion' Tax Scheme WITHOUT Anything for Roads


Not because what he says is necessarily bad in the abstract.

But rather, it's bad in the context of the strict doctrine of no new highways and that of NYC's infamous book-keeping, along with its new cameras that would be most useful for dissident tracking.

Without elaboration upon 'infrastructure' that takes a stance against the religious doctrine of no new urban highway links, this translates to just some 'mass' transit with bloated bureaucracy.

Just another panderer to the elites who want to raise more taxes without providing more benefits!

In an exclusive interview with a New York television station, Senator Barack Obama described congestion pricing as a thoughtful and innovative approach to the problem of congestion. In the interview he described it as a way to reduce congestion, reduce pollution, and invest in infrastructure and mass transit. With an April 7th deadline approaching, New York City appears poised to approve a historic congestion pricing plan. (See Streetsblog for exhaustive congestion pricing coverage.)

More room on the existing roads for our limos, frat brother...

and no new urban roads to offend elites...

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