Saturday, May 24, 2008

Batteries and Other New Technologies For The Many Over Manhattanization For The Few

To the Editor:

I disagree with Paul Krugman’s analysis, for two reasons.

First, Europe has a much greater population density than the United States, so it’s more cost-effective for European countries to build and maintain public transportation.

Second, the coming alternative-energy-powered cars will change everything, allowing widely used private transport to be cost-effective once again.

James W. Voelz
Des Peres, Mo., May 19, 2008

New hybrid technology automobiles are going to be far more affordable than overpriced Manhattan dwellings.

So are new highways, even tunneled, versus the addiction to the Pentagram/Pentagon.

Perhaps the elites refuse to admit this because they are really depopulationists.

And, as well, control freaks: note how Krugman can bring up Germany as an example to follow, without mentioning its infinitely more enlightened speed limit policies upon its Autobahns.

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avles said...

"...without mentioning its infinitely more enlightened speed limit policies upon its Autobahns..." .
German roads are ok. Germans are people who have the Myth of the car. At the same time they have also a very strong public transport. No problem as regard the freedom of transport. The railroads are also a Myth (see a secondary effect: the hobby of the Railroad modelling, I too am dealing with), but, despite the (Jesuit Medievalist-) environmentalization (the Gruenen party etc.)the public transport didn't become an hammer against the private car system and so the tool of the Roman Catholic sense of fault (=good works). Do you want to travel from Berlin to Muenchen? Take your car, bring it on a railbox for cars in the evening, sleep in a sleeping wagon and at the morning you'll awake in Muenchen with your car, not tired and FREE to go where you want.
(And if you want to go with your car from Berlin to Muenchen at 140 Mph in the night no one will stop you - usually people with Ferrari or Lamborghini coming from all the corners of the world goes in Germany to test their cars on the Deutschen Autobahnen..... And frankly speaking I don’t hear about enormous massacres on the roads… German people kill themselves with the car less, very less than the Italians do, with their “90 Mph” speed limit parish highways….)