Monday, December 10, 2012

TPZ Lower Deck Inexplicitly Eliminated

The official option #1

a dropped option #4

The newest designs for the replacement Tappan Zee Bridge all feature a single deck- eliminating the previously proposed lower deck.

As I previously reported, I was told that the lower deck design added $200 million to the initial construction costs, which would be far less expensive than the other options of adding such capacity by a parallel structure.  I've yet to see any numbers to even attempt to justify eliminating the lower deck design.

So if we are to ever add passenger and freight rail capacity by such a parallel structure instead costing 5x the amount- for what?  The preferences of a handful of houseowners so concerned about the height?  Have they noticed the artfully done supports of these previous proposals now being replaced by those less graceful than the NJ Turnpike's elevated viaduct section atop the Meadowlands?

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