Saturday, May 3, 2008

Enviro-Distraction/ Freeways Not Oil

EV1 web site page makes an excellent point:

It isn't the vision of freeways mixed with residential that's the problem, it's the oil-fired vehicles that run on them as well as the oil refineries that serve this ocean of polluting vehicles among us.

Interesting how "environmentalist" organizations all harp upon freeways as the pollution culprit, and light rail transit -- particularly slow speed 'streetcars' -- as the solution while ignoring the sheer logic of electric automobiles.

Such tactics work well to distract people from suppressed technologies while promoting the myth that electric power is only feasible when tethered somehow to a power cord.

Perhaps they hate freeways because standing next to one would underscore the need for electric cars. This would be especially so with the environmentally sensible concept of underground freeways, which can further reduce emissions into the general atmosphere via exhaust filtration technologies, given the concentration of exhaust at the portals!

Perhaps that is why those in New York City -- home of Wall Street -- so "puffed" Marcy Benstock's anti-Westway scheme, which also worked so well to distract "activists" from the $ spent on the Pentagon and the criminal Pharmacratic Inquisition.

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