Sunday, December 20, 2009

Calls For Buried SF 101 Highway Tunnel

from the comments at this article at Streetsblog:

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San Francisco should just do what they did in Boston, put the freeway underground. Out of sight, out of mind. Nobody likes to sit in traffic all day.

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I agree that US-101 should be undergrounded somewhere between Bryant and Mission with entrance ramps at Masonic and Geary onto the Golden Gate Bridge.

Many enviro urban pioneers who moved here from the suburbs don't like that idea, hell, they're afraid of any significant capital projects to speak of. We should all take our BRT and like it so they can get on with enjoying the rich and vibrant "experience economy" (TM) that San Francisco offers.

but then again, most of them do not live in close proximity to the freeway either, being forced to breathe the diesel particulate in our homes, or navigate on and off ramps by bicycle or foot to get most anywhere.

Undergrounding US-101 would also allow for air filtration to capture particulate matter for disposal.

And taking through traffic off of surface streets would clear the way for a much more efficient Muni.

Were the City to incorporate TBM capacity, in addition to boring subway tunnels, we could bore freeways.

If the freeway were taken down around San Bruno and Division, in the middle of the wye, then traffic could articulate 180 degrees, from Townsend to the east, 7th, 9th and 11th north, and division to the west.

Josh, to be nitpicky for no reason at all in response to not knowing where Duboce, 13th and Division--the same street--begin and end, there are not hundreds of streets that connect the freeway to the Golden Gate Gridge.


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