Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Jesuitical New Medievalist/Neo Feudalist "Environmentalism"

Ignores the differences in types of biofuels, as if the inefficiencies of corn based fuel negates the entire concept of biofuels

Ignores electric propulsion
untethered to a 3rd rail; Assumes everyone can just live closer together

Dismisses innovation; Presumes massive population depopulation

A letter to the editor in The Washington [a]Post[ate]


"A Better Route Than Biofuels"

Wednesday, June 18, 2008; Page A14

Vinod Khosla ["All Biofuels Are Not the Same," op-ed, June 16] missed a critical point in defending biofuels. Instead of trying to find "good" biofuels, we should be asking "why biofuels at all?"

Investment in biofuels yields fewer returns than investment in transportation alternatives. The renewable fuels standard that Congress passed in December, in combination with generous tax credits, provides $188 billion for biofuels. This will reduce U.S. petroleum use by less than 10 percent and could potentially offer little to no reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, because 13 billion gallons of corn ethanol are exempt from the law's greenhouse gas standards.

Devoting these subsidies to public transportation and smarter growth would do much more to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, fuel use and costs to consumers. But big oil companies have thwarted such solutions. It is time to take control of mobility out of the hands of wealthy corporations and entrepreneurs and put it into the hands of the people.


Energy and Transportation Policy Campaigner

Friends of the Earth


"Friends of the Earth" is one of the many Jesuit Order run "environmentalist" organizations that reflexively oppose roads without traffic lights, and which apparently omit any support for linear parks, such as Washington, D.C.'s aborted South Capitol Mall.

The Washington [a]Post[ate] closed this letter's comments after receiving only three.

The writer is right - corn is not a proper source for bio fuels. But ethanol from cellulose may work. let the market decide. The predicted cost for cellulose ethanol is under $1.50 a gallon. If this is true, it will be a natural. But themarket should decide. It is compatible with the modern IC motor and not as much of a hazard as hydrogen. True, it makes CO2. But that has yet to be proven a bad element in our air.

6/18/2008 7:52:22 PM

Look at the construction of cities throughout the world. Only in America do we have far flung suburbs making walking or mass transportation impractical. we need to rethink the way we grow our cities and towns. These alternative fuels etc will do us little good unless we rethink the way we live.

6/18/2008 6:11:35 PM

TwoEvils wrote:

Ethanol is a ridiculously poor fuel, requiring huge amounts of energy to create and returning much less energy (mpg) than an equivalent amount of petroleum-based gas.

Biodiesel, on the other hand, does not require nearly the energy input to create and has much more energy per gallon. It can be used in any diesel vehicle often with only minor modification, and will be especially valuable to the trucking industry which is suffering extremely high fuel costs.

There's a reason Europe stuck with diesel instead of gasoline. There's a lot more energy (mpg) in a gallon of diesel than in a gallon of gas.

6/18/2008 11:16:44 AM


avles said...

Friends of the Earth org. is subliminally spreading Roman Catholicism Weltanschauung through the manipulation of enviromental information. Probably this news has just been noted in this blog:
"(Independent) Wednesday February 13 2008 --> Man who set fire to Jesuit Order HQ faces further psychiatric tests...The 26-year-old, a former clerical employee of the Jesuits and member of environmental group Friends of the Earth, previously pleaded guilty to arson at Eglington Road, Donnybrook, on April 6 last year.......Bunn, who has a law degree from the University of Wales, told Gardai he started the fire because he believed the order were not using their moral authority to alert the world to the dangers of climate change....." at page:
If you believe that they don't use their moral authority to alert the world... It means that you are convinced that they HAVE moral authority.... If you are convinced of this after have served them, it means that you are 1) an agent of them, 2) an idiot. I am convinced about the 2°. In any case stay sure that under the environmental organizations there is the Roman Catholic Inquisition religious war . In Italy (fully RC country) a catalytic exhaust is paid about 300/400 Euro, in Germany (nominally half RC and half Reform) about 150. The litany is: "you are guilty for the destruction of the environment, PAY for your sin and you'll obtain the 'salvation'". Continuing Indulgences - under the alibi of the Environmental Emergencies.
How many times you heard the words “to SAVE/SALVATION” linked with the environmental question? A certain Luther 4 centuries ago criticized the matter, but all was clear in those times. Today they made themselves smart (= Sun Tzu not conventional strategies), and realize their dogmas/Counterreformation global war under 'lay', 'economic', ‘environmental’ etc. diguised dresses.
Best regards from Trieste, where, in 1864, the Vatican crusader Hapsburg emperor Maximilian departed to destroy Mexican and American secular republics.

avles said...

Just for now, obviously, but at least in the united states of America ('s' & 'u' NOT capital letters, right?)you are not so infected by this plague as it happens here, in the homeland of the burn-em-all-at-the-stakes = Europe (expecially the central one = Catholand; Anyway just wait...).

This is the allegoric, cultural, symbolic, artistic and 'spiritual' background of the "Jesuitical New Medievalist/Neo Feudalist "Environmentalism": the Medieval 'recallings' (ALWAYS regarding the previous-Reform Middle Age....).

Related pic of the below address:" Festa della Stagion Bona - Panzano in Chianti" with nice pics about a public execution (only staged for now - see the pic: "scorn for the condemned to death").
They did it in the 'old good' Middle Age where no one dared to oppose to them...Middle age (before the Reform) is coming back...