Tuesday, July 29, 2008

NY Times Perspective on People's Priorities


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from the above-shown July 27, 2008 NY Times Styles

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10. Finally, we need to be careful in determining how the public resolve responds to planners’ visions of future travel options. The increase in energy costs is and will continue to change behaviors but we need to use caution in estimating how quickly travelers will trade off time and convenience for energy cost savings.

This is the most important part of his arguments for me. At any foreseeable cost structure, the answer for me is likely to be .......... never.

If energy costs get really painful, I would make other trade-offs first, before abandoning the convenience of point-to-point travel ... where I want .... when I want .... with almost no need for prior scheduling. I suspect there are a LOT of people with similar opinions.

Jim Walker

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