Saturday, July 19, 2008

Washingon, D.C. Evacation Route Subversion

Government and private planners to subvert road evacuation routes.

- 11th Street Bridge ramps to and from RFK Stadium to be demolished: Planned by DDOT
- I-395 segment to be closed, tunnel extension canceled: proposed by NCPC and DDOT
- historic north central route to be chocked at Catholic University area: proposed
- South Capitol Street underpass to be closed; tunnel thwarted by rush for real estate development: proposed
- SW Freeway bottleneck chock via row of townhouses 16' from retaining wall: done

Lip service after 911 was given to the idea of additional evacuation routes to serve the masses particularly in the event of an emergency as a security measure.

Yet all levels of government are going along with a pied piper's song of new medievalism to chock if not eliminate routes.

What can we call a government that has civil defense languish while government efforts are most heavily weighted towards warrantless domestic surveillance?

Homeland Security Goal Better Served by Reviving I-70S through NW Washington DC- Mark Robinowitz

Washington, D.C. Parochialism Emanating From All Levels Of Government

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