Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jesuitical "Transportation Alternatives"

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avles said...

Another step to throw humanity back in the Middle Age of the hate towards technology:

News from the latest Golden Fleece Meeting at Linz, in Austria

News from the latest Golden Fleece Meeting at Linz, Austria

They had 10 guest speaker scientists speaking about the need to eliminate international air travel. Now, I found this to be very ELITIST! According to these doctors, Tornadoes and strong winds are caused by Airplanes. They proved it! Is this new info, or am I missing something here? One of the speakers showed that there were no recorded records in history of tornadoes. Its a NEW phenomenon, so I suddenly began to think of the HAARP antenna's in Alaska. And they had charts of 'increased air travel' during periods of heavy cyclones and tornadoes. According to a Japanese doctor, who studies these cyclones, the air that is seperated by flights is generating massive crosswinds. They had a simulator there and it blew champagn glasses off the tables. I think I am convinced! I feel sorry for people in Oklahoma. I put money in for victims too. I hope we can end tornadoes!

Are they using HAARP, were tornadoes always existent, or is it the Airplanes?